Competitive, Festive Fun!

Are you looking for ways to get into the Christmas spirit?

If so, hit the ice and give competitive Bavarian curling a go! Whether you’re new to the sport and fancy giving it a go for the first time, or want to show off your honed skills, there is plenty of festive fun for all to enjoy.

What is Bavarian Curling?

Bavarian curling is a winter sport, somewhat similar to curling. In Germany, it is known as “Eisstockschießen” and has been demonstrated at the Winter Olympic Games. It’s definitely a game to add to your Christmas bucket list!

So, grab an ice stock before taking to the sheet to try your hand at battling your friends to get as close to the marked circular target. The team who get the closest wins!

How do I play?

Each player has to shoot a curling stick so smoothly but surely over the ice that it slides as close as possible to the centre point at the end of the track. Every “shot” can turn the tide.

Curling course suitable for up to 8 players

For best results we recommend playing 4 players against 4 players

Please bring appropriate shoes (winter shoes) as you have to walk on ice